Friday, June 15, 2018

Last Resort presents Zola Jesus - SOAK

Another beautiful track from the camp of Zola Jesus.

Zola Jesus "Soak" from Okovi
Born with a scar far above my head
I count the stars crowding my vision
And I feel nothing instead
I feel nothing instead
Soak in decay, spoil into loam
Give what I take but it never feels enough
So, I give nothing instead
I give nothing instead
Take me to the water
I am not free but I am sorry, I am stone
You should know I would never let you down
You should know I would never let you drown
Loan by the skin, a vessel with two hands
Touch what I can before I hand it in
So, I touch nothing instead
I touch nothing instead
Born into debt, a line of no request
Pay what I can but the rest, I have no chance
So, I pay nothing instead
I pay nothing instead
Take me to the water
I am not free but I am sorry, I am stone
You should know I would never let you down
You should

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Found a DIY spot

Got a chance to go exploring a few weekends ago, and found this really fun aka "hard as fuck to skate" do it yourself mini-drainage ditch spot.  I've gone back once since this time and filmed a couple tricks for Sahgia Silva's "Los Pendejos".

The spot is just a little further after the base of the 528 causeway heading towards the beach (east) on the right hand side.  It has a friendly guard who lives there whose house (maybe it's just a tree) you walk through to get there.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Skateboarding Hong Kong Trip Part 1

Last October (2017) Max and I went to Hong Kong.  For both of us it was our first time to the ex-UK governed island.  Here is Max's montage edit from the trip hope you enjoy!  #skateboarding #hongkong

Part 1

Part 2

Thursday, March 1, 2018

John Maus "Cop Killer"

Inspired by a recent performance from John Maus, James an I decided to create a fan video for Maus' song "Cop Killer."  With a trip already planned to Las Vegas, it felt natural to shoot the video there as Vegas provided the perfect backdrop.  We stayed at the historic Flamingo Hotel, on the 17th floor, and had an incredible view of the Las Vegas strip.  We shot the entire video over the course of approximately 5 hours.  James, an extremely experienced filmmaker and me...not so much.  This was my first real experience handling professional camera equipment, and the experience was valuable and eye opening to say the least. Once we returned home, James was able to edit the video and create what you now see here.  Our first official release under our company Last Resort, we hope you enjoy the results. Stay tuned for much more to come.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A Las Vegas Fable by Rachel Prin

Sunlight poured in through the windows creating a pocket of warmth that engulfed that table.  The remnants of bread, salad and dessert lightly littered the white tablecloth.
He gazed out the window, observing while he sipped at the coffee that still steamed inside the cup.
She gazed at him, observing the observer.
The path that lead to this place was a long and winding one.
All the right words had lured them both through the cityscape, the crowds, the hurdles.
This was not quite where either one thought their paths would lead, and yet here they were.  

Sipping coffee.  Surrounded by thousands, and yet choosing to remain in each others company. In her mind she had encountered his kind before and yet...he had a way. A way of rationalizing her fears. The ears? The better to hear her with.  The eyes? The better to see her with. To. Really. See. Her.  

Side by side they continued down the path laid out before them. The buildings and lights dominating the scenery, the crowds of strangers blocking all easy pathways. When the crowds became exceptionally claustrophobic he reached for her. Neither one wanting to become lost amidst this madness.

As daylight faded, a new landscape seemed to appear before them. What was once illuminated and harsh became shadowed. Buildings that once appeared weathered and worn finally appeared to come to life. She admired the transformation from 17 stories up, noting the power that light (or the lack thereof) can have. This city, like so many things, looked better in the dark.

Behind her the sounds of running water were muffled, but audible behind the glass door.  
Despite the fact that she knew better, she felt safe turning her back and leaving it exposed. Mesmerized by the slow moving lights of traffic, she didn’t even notice when the sound of water stopped.  

The glass door quietly and smoothly slid open on it’s tracks, revealing them once again to each other. Turning her head, her eyes absorbed the sight of him. The light and shadow played off one another over his body. She was struck by his strength.  The physical strength was obvious, his muscles defined and cultivated.  There was also an internal strength. She saw that now and knew that it was that which she should potentially fear. This is where true damage could be inflicted.  
Or undone.   

She could feel his eyes pass over her.  His breath, warm and determined against her skin. His hands? The better to hold her with. His mouth? The better to kiss her with.  Tonight the fear would not overwhelm her. Tonight she would trust her instinct.  Tonight she would trust herself.  Pushing the thoughts and the past from her mind she gave into him, willingly. And it was in this she discovered a feeling of her own strength. A strength that had felt so distant for so long. And it was here that she made her crucial mistake…

The next morning the room was quiet.  Sunlight fought its way through the drapes that covered the floor to ceiling windows. Pillows were scattered across the massive King sized bed.  A dress, shoes, jackets were strewn across furniture and lay piled on the floor. A couch, once aligned against a far wall was now crooked and sat out of place, pushed into the middle of the room. The blankets that had once been folded so neatly, so tightly across the bed were now a giant mass that encompassed a body. Awakened by the ever determined sunlight, these same blankets, their use no longer required, were tossed to the side. Slowly the haze of sleep began to wear off and the reality of what had transpired began to sink in.  It had happened again. Throwing his hands up he omitted a cry, guttural and intense.  By doing so he relieved the feelings that had built up inside.  
This ritual satisfied, he finished dressing, tied his shoes, and walked out of the room towards the elevator.  The day was just beginning.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

SAW Anthology Vinyl release by Rachel Prin

It’s a great time to be a vinyl soundtrack collector, and an even better time to be a horror vinyl soundtrack collector.  With companies such as Death Waltz, Waxwork, Terror Vision and Mondo pumping out quality product, the marketplace is currently flooded with amazing pieces.  A lot of soundtracks that have never seen a physical release, let alone a vinyl release, are now getting the attention they deserve.  Lakeshore Records is one of these labels dedicated to soundtracks and paying special attention to the vinyl market.  One of the releases that’s been brewing for a while is the Saw Anthology Vol. 1 & 2.

This is the first time ever that any of the Saw soundtracks have been released on vinyl.  There have been digital and CD releases for some installments in the franchise, but none have ever been pressed to wax.  All 8 films in the series were composed by Charlie Clouser.  A member of NIN from 1994-2000 and a prolific composer, Clouser spoke with me on behalf of NOFS about this release back in December.  Here’s a bit of what he said:

Since it’s coming out on vinyl, each side of a vinyl record is about 20 minutes, so I sort of set up a set of mental rules for myself that each movie would get 1 vinyl side and within that 20 minutes I would try to put my favorite cues from each movie in chronological order so that it felt like a miniature journey through the films themselves. So that each 20 minute chunk from each movie would have a variety of stuff; the thematic melodic material and also some of the crazy action and trap scenes, and some of the weird floaty dark ambient stuff that fills up so much space in those movies.

The first images of the release were debuted by Bloody Disguisting.  This two volume anthology will be pressed on “Saw Blade Silver” with artwork by John Bergin.  Also included inside the release will be photos of Clouser, his incredible studio and his wide array of interesting musical gear.  Long overdue, Lakeshore has put together a package that any fan of the Saw films or horror soundtracks will be stoked to own.  Initially only available at FYE stores in the US and HMV stores in the UK, fans will be able to snag these beauties on March 16th.
You can find my full interview with Charlie Clouser here.
By thee Rachel Prin

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Ariel Pink "I Wanna Be Young"

Made this in 2011.

I wish I could go skateboarding with you today, it is Saturday. I wish you could watch me fall on my skateboard. I wish you could watch me upgrade the height of my box size 5050s one by one. I wish you could be there today when for when I ninja spin kick out of one. I wish you could have stayed young. I wish you could not be controlled. I wish you had an invitation from yourself to party your pants off. I want to eat your brains and gain your knowledge. The End.

Re-recorded and re-released in 2017.